Belt Analysis System developed to provide information and alarm of the operating conditions and status and breakdown phenomenon of the belt motor, used in semiconductor and LCD equipment, and determine its own problems before they occur, so that users know.

※ Related patents: Analysis system using encoder for belt and motor state
Analysis and Effect Applied Robot
(Equipment, Process)

1. Capture the trouble signs of belt motor

- All belt system driven by Encoder motor

- All driving system for encoder motor operated by actuator
Ex) Genus 300mm , Centura5200mm
2.Minimize the loss(Material, Personnel, Production) caused equipment-stop through preventive maintenance of Equipment
3. Rapid analysis and measure to Robot failure
    -Detecting speed error of the belt motor at operating
    -Detecting vibration at stop and operating
    -Detecting moving position error
    -Detecting operating time error
Configuration of Robot Analysis System
Benefits for Belt motor Analysis System
① Detecting vibration and driving time error of Belt motor
② Detecting moving position, completion time error
③ Preventive maintenance by catching sign of trouble
④ Implementation of Remote integrated Monitoring System(RMS/online server)
1.Capture Module 2.Main(Calculation) Module
-Signal copy between the host controller and the encoder
-Electronically complete insulation
-Numerical Analysis of digital signal
-Load DSP processor for signal processing
-Save user's data settings
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